Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel (for every $1 invested you’ll get $44 back!), so it’s important to maximise your opportunities here. I’ve helped lots of small businesses to get their email programmes generating revenue throughout the customer lifecycle. After all, it costs more to obtain a new customers than it does to retain one.

By connecting your store to your Email Service Provider, we’ll have more data available about your customers and their shopping habits. Using segmentation, we can dig into that information and create more personalised emails that your customers really want to engage with.

With your online store, I can help you:

  • Connect your store correctly
  • Set up effective revenue-generating automated emails
  • Create a newsletter strategy that works for your schedule
  • Create a newsletter template with recommendations for its use

I can also assist you with updating your transactional emails! They retain an extremely high engagement rate so you should make sure they work hard for you and look great.

Get more out of your store’s email marketing

    Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels